The PrehistoPyr

The PrehistoPyr thematic network was created by Xavier Mangado (University of Barcelona, SERP), in 2010, with funding from the Working Community of the Pyrenees. The PrehistoPyr objective was to develop contacts between research institutions in the identified regions in order to improve scientific exchanges between researchers working on the exploitation of lithic and osseous raw materials in periods ranging the Upper Palaeolithic to the Mesolithic within this Pyrenean framework. This approach aims to exploit scientific data from the Pyrenean territory as a whole, data based on analysis and the research activities of participants in the program: Aline Averbouh, José-Miguel Tejero and Jean-Marc Pétillon. These individuals are also GDRE Prehistos members coordinating the thematic group on bone industry. The main objective is to create a database on the osseous industries from several Pyrenean sites, both French and Spanish, in order to organize, systematize and share information on this category of archaeological artefact.

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