The GDRE PREHISTOS has also benefitted from the development, from 2006 to 2010, of an Education Research Network PECO-NEI of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MENESR), on the topic “Exploitation of bone materials in Prehistoric Europe”.

The goal of this F2RH network (France-Russia-Romania-Hungary), directed by A. Averbouh (CNRS, member of Lampea, France during this period) was to initiate contacts between French and European laboratory partners in the context of a research topic and to assist in the education of Doctoral students in central and eastern European laboratories, and in the exchange of senior members (researchers and teachers).

The F2RH network includes French partner laboratories (UMR 6636, Aix-en-Provence; UMR 5140, Lattes; UMR 5608, Toulouse; UMR 6630 Valbonne; UMR 7041, Nanterre), as well as Russian (Kunstkamera, Saint-Petersburg; Institute of Archaeology, Moscow); Hungarian (Aquicumi Muzeum, Budapest) and Romanian (Department of History and Archaeology, ICEM Tulcea) laboratories, including several that were also members of the GDRE.

In 4 years, in close association with the GDRE, this networked welcomed 10 Doctoral students, including 7 from Russia, to France for education programs lasting several months. It also organized, between laboratories in the network, more than thirty exchanges of researchers and teachers for short periods (maximum 15 days), during which classes and conferences on the general topics treated by the GDRE (bone technology and usewear) were systematically given.