Funding provisions

All Parties shall inform the GDRE Coordinator, prior to the start of each calendar year, of the provisional amount of funds which shall be allocated to the GDRE laboratories or teams for purposes of meeting the GDRE’s objectives. Those amounts can be in the form of personnel time devoted to GDRE research and can take into account research trips, parts of which are devoted to the GDRE’s mission. The laboratories or teams shall inform the Coordinator of any funds originating from other sources which are available to the GDRE in fulfilling its objectives, such as within the framework of other research or training programs.

Since its creation, the most of the GDRE Prehistos has been provided by the French CNRS (DERCI and INEE). Complementary funds have also been provided by partnership laboratories depending on the participation of their members in worksessions, Scientific Management Committee meetings, or study missions. In other cases, partnership laboratories have provided logistical support to GDRE plenary or restricted meetings.

Since 2007, we have relied on financial support from the UMR 6636 (recently renewed as the UMR 7269), UMR 7041 (« Ethnologie préhistorique » Team and « Village à l’Etat » Team), UMR 5140, UMR 5608, CEDARC Treignes, UniFe Ferrare, SERP Barcelona, LEP Madrid, Elte of Budapest, NBU Sofia, Kourchatov state regional museum and, in 2012, after their official insertion into the GDRE in 2011, from PMA Varsaw, MNIR Bucarest, ICEM Tulcea and UVT Targoviste.

The RGNF shall participate in funding Russian member teams of the GDRE that are selected based on a call for proposals under the auspices of the current agreement between RGNF and CNRS. A first project was accepted in 2009-2010; a second one was accorded to N. Skakun in 2012 for the next two years. The funds allocated by the RGNF are devoted to the GDRE Russian members, only for missions in Russia that must not be more than 10 days long.

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