Scientific Management Committee

The GDRE Scientific Management Committee is composed of the representatives of the partnerships laboratories, limited to a single representative per laboratory.

Regarding a specific scientific issue, the Scientific Management Committee can invite a representative of a country which is not represented in the committee.

The Scientific Management Committee is chaired by the GDRE Coordinator. It shall review the progress of the GDRE’s research and assess the staffing and budgetary needs required for the GDRE. It shall approve the annual financial report.

The Coordinator may consult the Scientific Management Committee on any question relative to the GDRE.

The Scientific Management Committee shall meet at least once a year and as often as needed at the initiative of the Coordinator or a third of its members. As necessary and with the unanimous consent of the Committee members, these meetings may be held by videoconferencing or by e-mail.

The representatives of the partnerships laboratories are currently : A. Averbouh ou B. Marquebielle (Traces), L. Manca ou C. Montoya (Lampea), G. Ledosseur ou N. Goutas ou M. Christensen (UMR 7041), N. Provenzano (UMR 5140), P. Cattelain (CEDARC), M. Peresani (unife), B. Avezuela (LEP), J-M. Tejero (SERP), A. Choyke ou Z. Toth (Elte), M. Carciumaru ou M. Margarit (UVT), 1 representative of the l’ICEM et 1 representative du MNIR (non désignés), P. Zidarov (NBU), A. Drewicz ou A. Boguzewski (PMA), N. Skakun (IICC), M. Zhilin (IA), N. Akhmetgaleeva (MRK).

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