The two work sessions of the GDRE PREHISTOS in 2013 will shortly take place:
  • The first one dedicated to the Upper/Final Palaeolithic and Mesolithic bone industry will take place in Kurchatov (Russian Federation) in October 20-26, 2013;
  • The second one dedicated to the Neolithic and Chalcolithic bone industry will take place in Romania (Târgovişte) in November 5-9, 2013.
These Work Sessions have the common objective to approach the two research axes of the GDRE, devoted (1) to the debitage by extraction, and (2) to the beveled hafting systems, which will be illustrated through numerous study cases. In addition a section on “various bone industry related topics” is going to enlarge the discourse and to put it in perspective.

The Work Session in Russia is organized under the scientific direction of N. Akhmetgaleeva (Kurchatov museum) and M. Zhilin (Institut of Archaeology of Moscow) for the Russian side and of N. Valdeyron and B. Marquebielle (Traces UMR 5608 Toulouse) for the French one. The list of participants and the program including 15 papers will soon be available online.

The Work Session in Romania is organized under the scientific direction of Monica Mărgărit (Valahia University in Târgovişte) for the Romanian side and of Gaëlle Le Dosseur (ArScAn UMR 7041 « Ethnologie préhistorique » Team) for the French one. Its program and abstract papers are available online (here).

These GDRE Work Sessions are under the supervision of Aline Averbouh (Traces UMR 5608 Toulouse), head manager of GDRE PREHISTOS.